The most adorable panel in comic book history

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Why You Shouldn’t Run Out of Shivs in “The Last of Us”

Shiv happens. Except when it doesn’t.

sarasaturday and binals, you two will love this
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Saga #20 cover art

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Tony, you’re not helping.

Part 2 (will be up tomorrow)

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He did it! The Miracle Kid! The Miracle Kid! A miracle on Bourbon Street!

The greatest thing the WWE has done is making this man the face of the WWE!

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Marvel Comics Meme - Six Artists (6/6)

Chris Samnee

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A few of our covers from Thor: The Mighty Avenger. Colors by Matt Wilson.

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I made this a few years ago when Thor: The Mighty Avenger was still coming out. I have never pimped a book so hard or been so crushed when weak sales killed something I loved. I made the collage to celebrate chrissamnee insane versatility when conveying facial expressions. Look at that, will you? I was trying to keep it to the general shape of a comic book cover, or I could have done even more. 

Salute to you, Mr Samnee! Along with the colorist, Matt Wilson, and writer Roger Langridge, you put out a perfect book.

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