I have football brownies! Happy football season!

It’s the beginning of #maddenseason

My newest @lootcrate I love it!
I’m not a Donatello fan, but I’ll take it, also the exclusive groot is amazing!
#lootcrate #tmnt #guardiansofthegalaxy #gotg #megaman #heroes

I’m so jealous of my #wcw @sarajbeckmann I wish I had some #jackinthebox right now!

I made my one Philly cheesesteaks for the first time. They look delicious!

We’re so serious.


Aplentee are having a sale on their Galactic Collection with a bunch of Star Wars tee on sale and we’ve got one to give away!

One lucky winner will receive:

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  • The giveaway will end at 1pm GMT on 19th August 2014, so you haven’t got long!

If you don’t want to miss out, you should head on over to Aplentee and pick up a shirt for the ridiculously low price of £11/€13/$15! You can even get $1/£1/€1 off by using the discount code GMERCH99 during checkout! You guys are so spoiled.

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Love, Geeky Merch.

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I can watch this all day

I can watch this all day

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"Meeseeks usually don’t have to live this long Jerry!!"

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This episode is great!

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I have such a good fashion sense. Just to be clear here that’s a plain white shirt, baggies, black socks, and slip on vans.